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--- Vonnie Estes, Vice President of Technology, PMA ---

Every day, technology transforms the way our food is grown, harvested, packaged, delivered, and consumed. But it can be hard to navigate this emerging new world. The PMA Takes On Tech podcast provides a look at how technology and innovation are supporting the fresh produce and floral industries. Hosted by Vonnie Estes, vice president of technology at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), this podcast examines how technology supports the professionals and businesses in the fresh produce chain that are shaping the future of the produce industry to bring the Joy of Fresh™ to consumers worldwide.

Brought to you by Vonnie Estes, Vice President of Technology, PMA of PMA Takes On Tech

Latest Episodes…

  1. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 22: Big happenings in Israel in AgTech (Part 1)

    As a global innovation hub, Israel uses novel technologies to lead the AgTech and FoodTech industry towards a more efficient and sustainable future; it serves as a global laboratory for producing more food using fewer resources. Israeli start-ups are improving traditional agriculture by introducing new, groundbreaking technologies in the field. ...


  2. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 21: Singapore’s well-designed AgTech ecosystem

    With little farming land, Singapore imports 90% of the food it consumes. Coupled with the recent supply chain shocks, the government has set up a number of programs and incentives for local food production and innovation. In this episode, we hear from there different companies in the well-functioning AgTech ecosystem in ...


  3. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 20: Why it’s time to invest in the Food Supply Chain and where to look

    Be ready to take notes! This episode covers the needs of the food supply chain which was pushed into the spotlight by COVID-19. As we saw shortages on the shelf, and supply disruption and dislocations in production and distribution, this complicated question arose: What does it take to get data flowing ...


  4. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 19: AgTech in South Africa

    Chief Economist Wandile Sihlobo talks about what technology is important in boosting productivity in Africa along with how growing more produce can help address unemployment on the Continent. We also hear from two entrepreneurial companies from South Africa who have developed solutions to problems Wandile discusses and have gone global. Greg ...


  5. PMA Takes on Tech Episode 18: SBIR Grants - A way to grow early-stage innovation without dilution

    PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 18: SBIR grants: A way to grow early-stage innovation without dilution   You have a great innovative idea that will have revolutionary impact on the produce industry. You have tapped out friends and family but you aren’t ready to go to a VC and give up equity in your ...