PMA Takes On Tech

--- Vonnie Estes, Vice President of Technology, PMA ---

Every day, technology transforms the way our food is grown, harvested, packaged, delivered, and consumed. But it can be hard to navigate this emerging new world. The PMA Takes On Tech podcast provides a look at how technology and innovation are supporting the fresh produce and floral industries. Hosted by Vonnie Estes, vice president of technology at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), this podcast examines how technology supports the professionals and businesses in the fresh produce chain that are shaping the future of the produce industry to bring the Joy of Fresh™ to consumers worldwide.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. PMA Takes on Tech Episode 4: The Realities of Foodservice

    COVID-19 has shocked the foodservice industry on all fronts. Restaurants are having to open and close at a moment’s notice. Foodservice operators and suppliers are responding and modifying their business models for the new post-crisis world. How we plan, how supply chains move, and how we collaborate is all going ...


  2. PMA Takes On Tech Episode 3: Can technology solve the produce labor shortage?

    Vonnie Estes explores the labor shortage in produce production with guests Dr. Phil Martin, John Purcell and James Terry. Dr. Martin discusses labor issues in produce production while John Purcell explores breeding solutions and James Terry talks about integrated hardware and software in-field solutions.  Guests: Dr. Phil Martin ...


  3. PMA Takes On Tech Episode 2: What Food & Agtech venture capitalists are thinking now

    Guests: Sanjeev Krishnan, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director, S2G Ventures Rob Leclerc, Ph.D., Founding Partner, Agfunder   ...


  4. PMA Takes On Tech Episode 1: What do we do with all these onions?

    Guests: Shay Myers, CEO, Owyhee Produce Michael Helmstetter, Founder, President & CEO, TechAccel, LLC ...