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--- Vonnie Estes, Vice President of Technology, PMA ---

Every day, technology transforms the way our food is grown, harvested, packaged, delivered, and consumed. But it can be hard to navigate this emerging new world. The PMA Takes On Tech podcast provides a look at how technology and innovation are supporting the fresh produce and floral industries. Hosted by Vonnie Estes, vice president of technology at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), this podcast examines how technology supports the professionals and businesses in the fresh produce chain that are shaping the future of the produce industry to bring the Joy of Fresh™ to consumers worldwide.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 15: Brazil - A Booming AgTech Ecosystem

    In this episode, we continue our virtual tour to Brazil to explore the AgTech explosion. We discuss the flourishing tech and innovation ecosystem developing in the country. Startups in Brazil have access to a market with one of the highest levels of mobile saturation, a wide range of investment options from local and international ...


  2. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 14: Personalized Nutrition: N-of-1

    We would all like to know what exactly we should eat to make and keep us healthy and to support maximum performance. And some of us would follow the advice! This would require knowing our genetics, immediate environmental factors, and the nutrient make up of the exact food you’re are eating. This ...


  3. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 13: AgTech Happenings in Australia

    PMA Takes on Tech hits the virtual road to explore what is happening in other regions. Agriculture is an important and growing industry in Australia. The country has thriving agtech clusters and world-class life sciences institutions that support industry, investment, academia and government to commercialize new products and processes. However ...


  4. PMA Takes On Tech, Episode 12: Water conservation in Controlled Environment Agriculture

    Controlled Environment Agriculture, including indoor and greenhouse production, is a small but high-potential, rapidly growing part of the food system. CEA can play a role to ensure food security and supply chain resilience. And also meet consumer demands around transparency, traceability, and sustainability while supplying nutritious, high-quality products that taste good. ...


  5. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 11: What Is The Consumer's Role In The Food, Ag & Health Story?

    Join this conversation originally recorded at Crusonia on the Delta: Food is Health Digital Forum in November. We dig into three areas: the consumer, the modern food system and action for progress. We come at these topics from different perspectives and experiences but all with an eye to make food ...