PMA Takes On Tech

--- Vonnie Estes, Vice President of Technology, PMA ---

Every day, technology transforms the way our food is grown, harvested, packaged, delivered, and consumed. But it can be hard to navigate this emerging new world. The PMA Takes On Tech podcast provides a look at how technology and innovation are supporting the fresh produce and floral industries. Hosted by Vonnie Estes, vice president of technology at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), this podcast examines how technology supports the professionals and businesses in the fresh produce chain that are shaping the future of the produce industry to bring the Joy of Fresh™ to consumers worldwide.
Brought to you by Vonnie Estes, Vice President of Technology, PMA of PMA Takes On Tech

Latest Episodes…

  1. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 30: Food safety: A fireside chat with Nate Storey, CSO of Plenty

    A conversation with Nate Storey about how Plenty thinks about and deals with food safety issues. Listen to this candid discussion about the challenges and types of solutions the produce industry (indoor and out) faces with food safety and traceability ...


  2. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 29: Bringing the public with you…. Lessons in social license and plant genetics

    I sit on the other side of the microphone with Sarah Nolet from the agtech….so what podcast. We discuss a wide range of topics from genetics to clean tech. ...


  3. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 28: Who is Kalera and what is their secret weapon for genetics?

    Kalera is one of the fastest-growing and largest vertical farming companies. It has high-yield, automated, data-driven hydroponic production facilities designed for rapid rollout with two operating facilities in Orlando, one in St Paul, MN and one in Atlanta. It plans to open five additional large-scale facilities across the US by early 2022, ...


  4. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 27: What are biologicals and are they a viable alternative to conventional inputs?

    The development of agricultural biologicals - biostimulants, biopesticides and biofertilizers - is growing as global agriculture looks to move towards more sustainable ways to boost yields and new methods of crop protection. Growers are increasingly looking to agricultural inputs based on microbes to both reduce and complement the use of ...


  5. PMA Takes on Tech, Episode 26: Bright Farms, Oysters and Beer with Paul Lightfoot

    Join a lively discussion with Paul Lightfoot, founder and president at Bright Farms. We talk about his journey with BrightFarms over the last 10 years and the strengths he sees with indoor growing around supply chain and water. Paul has also started a newsletter called Negative F ...